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Volunteer: an enriching, rewarding and fun way to make a real difference

Volunteer With Us 

People of all ages and many different backgrounds enjoy making a difference as a volunteer at Twenty10 inc GLCS NSW.

If you are selected to join our volunteer program, you will be joining a long history of people who have been the cornerstone of much of our work since volunteers started the Campaign Against Moral Persecution in 1970, took the first calls at ‘Phone a Friend’ in 1973 or set up the ‘2010’ youth refuge in 1983.

Whether you come to us with specific expertise or are just wanting to lend a hand, we greatly appreciate our volunteers’ contributions and could not serve the community without them.

or make a donation to help us continue our work.

Attend Our Next Information Session

Why do I need to attend an Information Session?

  • Information Sessions are an integral part of our selection process but it is obligation free –  you aren’t committed to volunteer or attend training.

Attending an Information Session is not a guarantee of an invitation to join our volunteer program.

When is the next recruitment or Information Session?

Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW usually runs two recruitment intakes per year, depending on program need. Attendance forms part of our application process but is obligation free.

You only need to attend ONE session, but we usually offer a couple to choose from. Our next information sessions will be held on Saturday, 8 April, 2017 from 10:30am – 12:45pm and Tuesday, 11 April 2017 from 6:30pm to 8:45pm. RSVPs required; see below.

In this intake, we are specifically recruiting for:

  • Group Volunteers for adult groups in Chippendale (Saturday afternoons / Thursday evenings);
  • Practical Skills crew for working bees, practical projects and other non-client-facing tasks, mostly central Sydney and Inner West areas (prefer business hours availability, also some Saturday opportunities) – no specific skills needed (general life skills fine!);
  • Admin Volunteers to assist with various admin/office-based tasks in Chippendale (business hours); and
  • Young People’s Programs volunteers (eg Drop In or groups) – to join training/pool for future vacancies.

If you’re interested in these programs, please fill out the online application form (see the apply button above) and select a information session date on this form.

If you are interested in telephone or web counselling, we are not recruiting for these programs at this time but will in future intakes. Once you have completed the online application form (see the apply button above), you will receive an invitation to the sessions closer to the date. Places are strictly limited, so RSVP is essential.  

What if I can’t attend the Information Session (or Intake Training)?

If you are unable to attend, you will need to wait for a future intake as we are unable to run individual sessions.

Got More Questions? Volunteering FAQs [PDF]


For me, Volunteering on the phones is a profoundly community affirming experience. Working with fellow volunteers and listening to callers makes me feel a sense of solidarity and support amongst my queer peers.


QLife Telephone Counselling Volunteer

We offer a range of different volunteer roles to choose from:

Behind the Scenes Roles

Many hands make light work and some people prefer to help out behind the scenes (non client facing). Learn more. 

Face to Face Roles

Many of our volunteers work alongside our clients, who are often looking to connect with others socially for support. Learn more.

Phone & Web Support Roles

Our QLife volunteers provide telephone and web support to LGBTI people to provide information and one-off support. Learn more. 

In Regional NSW?

Our QLife Connect volunteers increase awareness of QLife in their local area!

Learn more

Recognising the unique needs of rural and regional communities, the innovative new Connect Project is developing a network of regional volunteers to represent QLife in their local communities.

We know from our data that LGBTI people live in every part of Australia and that 20% of all QLife contacts are from people living in regional areas*. This figure is growing. It is clear that specific focus is needed to ensure that LGBTI people in rural and regional areas know about, and can access, the support and referral services of QLife.

The Connect Project increases QLife’s reach into regional LGBTI communities with an aim to both increase contact numbers from regional areas as well as to develop a better understanding of the services that are available in these areas and whether they are appropriate to refer LGBTI people to.

Connect is a truly national project with each of the four existing metropolitan-based QLife partner sites in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia being funded through the Connect project to engage volunteers to access their states regional populations. Volunteers located in ACT, Tasmania, The Northern Territory and South Australia are supported by the Connect project National coordinator.

All Connect volunteers take part in specifically designed training including modules on engagement and service promotion, inclusive language and work place health and safety.

As well as receiving direct support and supervision from the local Connect project officers volunteers can access national structures that allow them to take part in regular catch ups and debriefs with other volunteers across the country. These national structures create a sense of community amongst the volunteers allowing them to share information and ideas as well as minimising the feeling of isolation that can occur when people live in regional areas.

The development of the national project proposal was informed by data from QLife and related research, work being undertaken by QLife Queensland (Diverse Voices) to develop a network of volunteers in far north Queensland, and consideration of some other volunteer-centred programs.

The Connect Project aims to:

  • increase the awareness, access to and use of QLife in regional and remote locations;
  • establish a national network of regional volunteers;
  • support and enables regional volunteers to identify and develop local support networks in locations otherwise not served by mainstream LGBTI support services;
  • collect, utilise and disseminate detailed local information gathered by regional volunteers to cultivate a national picture of networks, allies and support that exists for the LGBTI community away from metropolitan and suburban locations.

The National LGBTI Health Alliance would like to thank the Departmental of Social Services for funding the Connect project under the Strengthening Communities programme.

*(There is currently no breakdown between rural, regional and remote, so all contacts from outside of metropolitan centres are referred to as ‘regional’.)

The QLIfe Connect Volunteer Description Read it here

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People from different backgrounds, cultures and backgrounds volunteer at Twenty10 inc. GLCS NSW.

Volunteering FAQs

Learn how we recruit and train volunteers, and what would be required before you dive in.

Volunteering FAQs [PDF]

Other ways to make a difference

Make a Donation

By donating, you can be confident that your money will be used to directly improve the lives of vulnerable or marginalised LGBTIQA+ people.

Easy Fundraising Ideas

Whether fundraising by yourself or with friends, at school or at work, you can make a difference. It’s fun and effective.

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Help us fulfill our vision and create opportunities for future generations by leaving a bequest in your will.

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