PSS Program

Need a little extra support?

Twenty10 inc GLCS NSW has partnered with One Door and a number of psychologists and mental health care workers to provide a minimum of 6 sessions for free through the Psychological Support Service (PSS) program.

If you are located in the Central and Eastern Sydney Health District (the grey shaded area on the map to the right) we can assist you to access the first 2 sessions, before seeing your GP.


To learn more about PSS you can visit their website, email them on,  call 02 9715 5022 or speak to a Twenty10 staff member.

Queer Connection – LGBTIQA+ Group Therapy

Twenty10 inc GLCS NSW is hosting a six-week therapeutic group for LGBTIQA+ people aged 18-30 who live/work/study in the Central Eastern Sydney PHN (see grey area of the map above).

The group meets on Mondays from 6 November to 11 December from 6:00pm – 8:30pm.

Here is some information about the group:

We are always connected in relationships: with our self, with others, and with society as a whole. The relationship we have with our self will impact the way we relate to others and vice versa.

By identifying the unhelpful ways others have related to us, and how this has influenced the ways we relate to our self, we will explore the impact this has had upon emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

We will then look at how a relationship with self can be enhanced through positive relationships with others, such as group participants. We will develop skills in this group that may help manage unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving, and we will reflect on kinder or more helpful ways of relating with others or their self.

Each group session runs for 2 hours, and involves a check in/review of the previous session’s learning, and building upon this with theory and skills.

Eligibility requirements: you must be 18-30 years old, live/work/study in the Central Eastern Sydney PHN, and have a referral from your GP. Sadly people who have already had a Better Access to Mental Health Care plan this year are not eligible.

To register your interest, fill out our survey here or email

Other groups and services

LGBTIQA people enjoy social support group at Twenty10 in Sydney.

Social Saturdays Group

(all ages over 18)

An inclusive and relaxed space for LGBTIQA+ folks over 18.

LGBTIQA person uses helpline and webchat to access counselling, information and support across New South Wales.

QLife Phone Support & Webchat 

(all ages over 12)

3pm – Midnight, every day

LGBTIQA young people have fun at Twenty10's Drop service for support, food, laundry, showers.

Drop In 

(Ages 12 – 25)

A place to come, hang out, do the things you need to do and meet other people. 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Transgender, Non-Binary, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual etc. (LGBTIQA+) Still not making sense?