Case Management (ages 18­ – 25)

Case management is focused on creating a safe and non-judgemental space, where you can work towards what’s important to you

Case Management (ages 18­ – 25)

  • Who can come? Young folks 18 to 25 who are of diverse genders, sexualities and/or intersex variations or LGBTIQA+.
  • Format: Case Management is usually one-on-one sessions with a case worker. They can also involve external services, if required.
  • When: Usually, you meet with your case worker on a weekly basis. 
  • Where:  Twenty10 Incorporating GLCS NSW, Level 1, 45 Chippen Street Chippendale (corner Meagher St). It may at times be held in coordination with other services and it could be outreach to a young person’s place of choice, given capacity of case worker.
  • Cost: FREE!
  • Accessibility:  Lift available for disability access, read more
  • RSVP: If you think case management would be suitable for you, contact us or speak to a worker in Drop In and a worker will be in touch to determine how best to support you.

What can I expect?

Young person gets support with Centrelink in Case Management, at Twenty10 in Sydney.

Case management is a collaborative and professional relationship focused on creating a safe and non-judgmental space, where you can work towards what’s important to you or to provide support in moving in that direction.

You will work collaboratively with a worker on a case plan in a series of structured appointments.

Your case plan will focus on working towards practical aims like:

  • Advocacy (which is a professional way of ‘sticking up for you’) for persecution/discrimination at school, the workplace or wider spheres
  • Gender transitioning pathways referrals
  • Finding and maintaining housing
  • Staying at school or starting studies
  • Finding employment and/or training
  • How to budget
  • Assist with application for brokerage funds
  • Mental health and primary health issues
  • Legal problems
  • Accessing Centrelink
  • Learning important living skills

All case work sessions follow our Safer Space Guidelines so that everyone feels respected and safe, both physically and emotionally.

Case workers are unable to provide counselling or therapy. If these needs arise during a case meeting, a referral to a counsellor or similar support can be arranged as part of your care plan.

We are open to providing flexible meetings to meet your needs if it fits our availability. 

If it’s a brief intervention, like help with a Centrelink application, it will last for the duration of the requested task.


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