Service Providers

Support for service providers throughout New South Wales 

For Service Providers 

Browse some options for ways we can help you, your service or school to make your space inclusive for LGBTIQA+ people and increase your confidence is working with LGBTIQA populations.

A service provider receives advice on LGBTIQA inclusivity from Twenty10 inc. GLCS NSW.

Consulting and Advice

Get support for your service, school or organisation around working with LGBTIQA+ folks. Request an obligation free quote

Twenty10 inc. GLCS NSW facilitates LGBTIQA inclusivity training in Sydney and New South Wales.

Training For You or Your Team

Making your service, school or workplace more inclusive for people who are LGBTIQA+? We run training in Sydney or across NSW.

Service providers get support from Twenty10 inc. GLCS NSW around working with trans and gender diverse young people.

Supporting Trans* Youth?

Get support, advice and referrals around supporting a young person to transition.

Twenty10 inc. GLCS NSW has many articles, resources, youtube clips and research in our online Resource Library.

Resource Library

Browse fact sheets, research, articles, posters, youtube clips and tips around LGBTIQA+ people, their families and communities.

LGBTIQA young person talks with a worker at Twenty10 inc. GLCS NSW in Sydney.

Make a referral

Young people and adults don’t need a referral to access our services but you can refer someone under 26 with their consent. Make a referral.

A service provider chooses posters and resources to order from Twenty10 inc. GLCS NSW.

Order Posters and Flyers

Order our free Flyers and Posters for your school or service and we’ll send them free of charge.