J.T.'s Story

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Client Story – J.T.*

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J.T. is 19 and identifies as a transgender man (he was assigned the sex of female at birth but identifies and lives as a man). He is from a cultural and linguistically diverse background.

In his final year at high school, J.T.’s parents refused to support him during his transition and kicked him out of the house.

J.T. spent a few months couch surfing or staying in hostels before he heard about Twenty10.

J.T. often spent time in Twenty10’s busy yet unfunded Drop In centre. Run entirely on fundraised and donated money, J.T. could get something healthy to eat, have a shower and wash his clothes.

He was able to attend the free Health Clinic, get free legal advice and get casual support to help navigate Centrelink and Medicare.

Twenty10 staff helped J.T. to move into one our our medium term housing units.

Thanks to the generous donations of our supporters, Twenty10 was able to help set J.T. up and make the empty unit into a home.

Volunteers helped give the unit a thorough clean and a fresh coat of paint.

Staff used donations to provide J.T. with some basic furnishings and homewares like bedding, crockery, cutlery, even a kettle and toaster.

During his time in the unit, J.T. has been supported to develop a range of living skills including budgeting, grocery shopping as well as cooking and cleaning. He has completed his HSC and has even saved money for a deposit for a rental property.

J.T. has made a great group of supportive friends including some of his neighbours during his time in the unit and at Twenty10.

When J.T. moves out from the unit next year, the furnishings and homewares, the life skills and savings will move with him, helping to establish a solid foundation for his future.

* Names and photos have been changed to protect confidentiality.

A packed bag is a common client story for LGBTIQA young people.
A case worker supports a LGBTIQA young person to use the centrelink website at Twenty10 inc GLCS NSW drop in space, Sydney
Corporate volunteers paint a Twenty10 inc GLCS NSW unit, ready for a LGBTIQA young person to move in, Sydney.

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