Community Calendar

Community Calendar is your weekly look into what’s coming up for the LGBTIQA+ communities in Greater Sydney and NSW! This is our post for 25 June 2021.

This post is a little different due to the new COVID-19 restrictions for Sydney that were announced today. We hope everyone is staying safe!

We’re in the final week of our Annual Support Campaign – please donate if you have the capacity! 

Things to do from home

Need something to do while you’re isolating at home? Here are some ideas:


  • Go back and read our Twenty10 and Friends posts that we put up last year from Rebecca, Ben, Daisy and Dina.
  • Did you know that you can watch past Grumble Boogies on IGTV? Put on your brightest neon gym socks and boogie down!
  • Teleparty is a way to watch streaming media online with friends (although note that each person needs to have a subscription to whichever streaming service you’re watching).
  • Writers – want some inspiration for your next story? Outstanding Short Story Competition is accepting submissions for this year’s contest – the theme is Ooops!

Online Events

Here are some interesting things happening online:


Surveys, studies and consultations

  • Attention young LGBTIQA+ folks aged 16-24! Want to join an reading and writing group for queer youth? Read the flyer here (PDF) to learn more! Online sessions begin in July and will run through December.
  • UnLeash is a study exploring lesbian, bisexual and queer women’s (cisgender and transgender) health and wellbeing and the relationship with smoking, drinking and using drugs.
  • If you identify as LGBTIQA+ and have been in a relationship, you can give your input on intimate partner violence through this anonymous 15 min survey. You do not need to have experienced intimate partner violence to participate.
  • LGBTIQ+ Health Australia wants to hear about the LGBTIQA+ community’s thoughts about and experiences with palliative care.
  • The folks at Blaq, ACON and the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University are looking for LGBTIQA+ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people between 14 and 25 years old to fill out a survey to understand social and emotional wellbeing and mental health of people in this group. Fill out the survey here.
  • ACON and UNSW are looking for gay, bisexual and queer Asian men aged 18+ to fill out the Gay Asian Men’s Survey. Available in English, Thai, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
  • ACON and a number of other services around the country are looking to hear from LGBTIQA+ folks aged 18+ who have ever used an LGBTIQA+ peer-led service (that would include Twenty10).
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A progress flag coloured Ooops! in front of a dropped ice cream cone. Text along the bottom reads OutStanding Short Story Competition 2021
What does LGBTIQ+ inclusive  palliative care look like? Calling LGBTIQ+ community members and all health professionals. We want to hear from you. Take our survey [QR Code to the left] HREC Approval no. 731010621
Do you identify as LGBTIQA+? Have you used an LGBTIQA+ peer-led service? We're undertaking research to explore the value of peer-led services to LGBTIQA+ communities in Australia. We would love your input!