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Community Calendar is your fortnightly look into what’s coming up for the LGBTIQA+ communities in Greater Sydney and NSW! This is our post for 29 October 2021.


Online Events

Here are some interesting things happening online:

  • EnQueer aims to bring together people of all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, disabilities, faiths, cultures, and backgrounds at a literary forum which appreciates and acknowledges the power of diversity. Stories and experiences of people with diverse backgrounds truly reflect modern Australian values and the festival seeks to bring them to the fore. The festival runs from 4 to 6 November – sliding scale tickets start at $20.
  • Youth Action has partnered with Democracy Matters to bring you Make Your Vote Count: must know information for new voters on Monday 8 November. With the local elections coming up, this is a good opportunity for young people who haven’t voted before to find out more information. This session isn’t to tell them who to vote for, rather we offer a space that is free of political parties to help young people build important skills.
  • For Intersex Solidarity Day on 8 November, join the YOUth&I, stories by intersex youth webinar.

Regular groups


  • Do you have a disability? Have you had experiences that you want to share with the Disability Royal Commission, but you have questions? Your Story Disability Legal Support is a great place to start!


  • FUSE is a unique and transformative opportunity for young Australians from refugee, migrant and asylum-seeking backgrounds to build and apply leadership and advocacy skills, expand their networks, and connect with peers from across Australia. Applications close at 9am on 1 November.
  • The Canal to Creek Art Prize for folks in years 7-10 is open until 5 November.
  • WSRC Writing Competition is looking for Western Sydney based writers to submit their original stories or poems around the theme: What’s it like living Queer in Western Sydney? Writers are encouraged to write about what it looks like to live in Western Sydney, perhaps the feeling of connections or the lack thereof. Submissions close 20 November.

Surveys, studies and consultations

  • The LGBTQ +You School Survey is an Australian-wide project at Macquarie University. This study is looking at what Australian schools are like for Students, Staff and Parents who identify as LGBTQ+. The survey takes around 15 minutes and is anonymous, asking questions about you and your experiences in Australian schools.
  • TRANSForm is looking for trans and gender diverse people to complete surveys about their health and wellbeing.
  • Researchers at Monash University are looking for LGBQ First Nations people aged 16-24 who have accessed counselling sessions. Participants will receive a $20 Clothing the Gaps gift voucher!
  • ACON and UNSW are looking for gay, bisexual and queer Asian men aged 18+ to fill out the Gay Asian Men’s Survey. Available in English, Thai, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
  • ACON and a number of other services around the country are looking to hear from LGBTIQA+ folks aged 18+ who have ever used an LGBTIQA+ peer-led service (that would include Twenty10).
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Enqueer- Sydney Queer Writers' Festival Virtual Program. 4-6 November 2021 - Buy festival pass. Over 60 writers and poets: Benjamin Law, Kaya Wilson, Ellen van Neerven, Tim Spencer, Krissy Kneen, Jennifer Mills, Stephen House, Melissa Lucashenko, Kate Lilley Michael, Louis Kennedy, Stephen House, Liz Breslin, Cadance Bell, Gary Lonesborough, Rebecca Jessen, Flick Martin, Michael Burge, Lewis Treston, Hayden Moon
MYAN Fuse 2021 - National Multicultural Youth Summit. 4th-5th December. Apply now. A photo in the bottom right corner shows a group of multicultural young people talking.
LGBTQ + you Student Survey! Takes 15 minutes. Are you an LGBTQ+ Student currently or previously enrolled in an Australian school? Please do our survey  to help inform school supports for students like you! Macquarie University.
Do you identify as LGBTIQA+? Have you used an LGBTIQA+ peer-led service? We're undertaking research to explore the value of peer-led services to LGBTIQA+ communities in Australia. We would love your input!