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The work we do together.

By making a tax deductible donation to Twenty10, you will be directly supporting our services for young LGBTIQA+ people in New South Wales. You can choose your favourite way to donate. One off, or regular. You can also read on to find out about our other bespoke giving programs.


Program creation and growth realisation

Giving circles invite committed groups of supporters whose donations enable us to create more ambitious programs and realise our growth goals. As a member of a giving circle, you will witness your contribution come to life through a program of your choosing. Take a look at the programs we are seeking supporters for and get in touch with Jain Moralee to find out more. 

Counselling program

Our counselling program is an integral part of our service offering to young people who access Twenty10 for mental health support. The high demand on this service currently far outweighs our capacity to support those who need it.

Western Sydney program

Our OutWest program is currently one of our most highly sought out support groups, taking place in Parramatta servicing Young People in greater Western Sydney.

Groups program

We provide a wide range of programs for young people including workshops, an art exhibition, social events and more. Donations raised for Groups work will ensure we can deliver these popular programs annually.

Regional program

Young people living outside of metro areas are among those that need our support the most. Help us to develop and deliver resources for these LGBTIQA+ communities who are living in regional and rural New South Wales.

Ways to give

20/10 Club

Smaller donations, long term impact

The 20/10 Club is for those who want to donate small(er) amounts, monthly. It’s the coolest club in town and you are the VIP! You can choose $10 / month for 12 months or $20 / month for 12 months. Join the 20/10 Club now and select “Regular donation” and pick your giving level.

Corporate Giving Programs

Direct debit your donation

Life / work is busy. Want to donate but never get around to hitting the submit button? Ask your HR department or colleagues if your company has a giving program. They often auto deduct so you don’t even notice how much you are helping.  It might be that your company matches it and you can double your donation! Twenty10 is registered for a range of corporate giving platforms, get in touch to find out more.

Trusts and Foundations

Shared goals

Twenty10 have a wealth of experience working with trusts and foundations, and can work closely with you as the donor or representative of the trust or foundation to achieve our shared goals. They can range from direct service delivery, capacity building or other resources and advocacy. Get in touch with Jain Moralee to discuss.

Birthdays, Bequests and Nuptials

Some folks choose to celebrate their milestone birthdays or marriages by asking guests to make a donation to Twenty10 rather than purchase gifts. It’s super easy to set up a GiveNow Crowdraiser page to do this, just get in touch with Dina who can send you the info.

Others choose to make a bequest to Twenty10 in their will, part of their life legacy that continues to make a positive impact on the lives of others. We have all the information that you or your family member/friend as well as your legal representative needs to do this. Click here for all the info about how to make a bequest.

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