We at Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW will be taking some time off at the end of the year to rest and to make ourselves ready for another wonderful year.

Below is a list of all our programs with the last day for 2017 and when we’re starting back up for 2018:

  • Social Saturday: Last day Saturday 18 November, First day Saturday 20 January
  • Monthly Dinner: Last day Tuesday 5 December, First day Tuesday 6 February
  • Out West: Last day Wednesday 6 December, First day Wednesday 17 January
  • Women’s Coming Out Group: Last day Thursday 14 December, First day Thursday 18 January
  • Men’s Talking it Out Group: Last day Thursday 7 December, First day Thursday 11 January
  • Drop-in: Last day Tuesday 19 December, First day Monday 8 January
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QLife will be available every day during the festive period! Get in touch between 3pm and midnight at 1800 184 527 or visit qlife.org.au.