Youth Counselling

Counselling at Twenty10 provides an opportunity for you to talk about what’s going on in your life in a safe environment

Counselling (ages 12 – 25)

Counselling is a collaborative and supportive space where you can work through the things going on in your life, whilst building upon your strengths and values.

Who can come? Young folks 12 to 25 who are of diverse genders, sexualities and/or intersex experiences or LGBTIQA+.
Format:  Counselling is usually one-on-one sessions with a counsellor.
When: Counselling is by appointment 10am – 5pm Monday to Friday and can happen weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
Where: Twenty10 Incorporating GLCS NSW, 37 Shepherd St, Chippendale (corner Rose St), via Zoom meeting or via phone call
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LGBTIQA young person talks about coming out with a Twenty10 counsellor in Sydney.

Organising to meet with a counsellor

You can get in touch about counselling by  phone, e-mail or contact form or speak to a worker in Drop In or Out West. The worker will take down some details such as your name, best way to contact you, and the things you’d like support around.  

The counsellor will contact you to make a first appointment. If the counsellor is unable to take on new folks, or you need counselling closer to where you live, they can also help connect you with another counsellor.

If you’re enquiring on behalf of someone else, please ensure you have their consent before passing on any private details.

What can I expect?

First appointments are for 90 minutes. All appointments following this are 60 minutes. ­We usually plan for 6 sessions and then review how you’re going.

Some areas we often provide support around:

  • Questioning and affirming your sexuality or gender identity
  • Experiences of variations of sex characteristics (Intersex) –this is inclusive of people of all sexualities and gender identities
  • Sharing your experience with others
  • Improving your relationships with partners, family, friends and/ or community
  • Dating and sex
  • Intersections with faith and culture
  • Intersections with health, disability, and mental health
  • Worry, stress, sadness and other mood changes
  • Building confidence and self-compassion
  • Recovery from  homophobia, transphobia and/ or other forms of violence  or abuse
  • Stabilising your life
  • Advocacy


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Support for practitioners

We are able to provide resource suggestions and advice to other counsellors, schools, and workers in regional and rural areas.

We host a free bi-monthly community of practice with counsellors called the Gender Galaxy. This group aims to improve practitioner knowledge, connections and confidence to provide anti-oppressive supports to people who are gender diverse and/ or questioning.

Other groups and services

LGBTIQA people enjoy social support group at Twenty10 in Sydney.

Social Saturdays Group

(all ages over 18)

An inclusive and relaxed space for LGBTIQA+ folks over 18.

LGBTIQA person uses helpline and webchat to access counselling, information and support across New South Wales.

QLife Phone Support & Webchat 

(all ages over 12)

3pm – Midnight, every day

LGBTIQA young people have fun at Twenty10's Drop service for support, food, laundry, showers.

Drop In 

(Ages 12 – 25)

A place to come, hang out, do the things you need to do and meet other people.