A green honeycomb structure resembling a flower has people looking connected and engaged on the petal-like design. In the centre of the image, QHIVE is written in orange, and the words Beyond, Behold and BeWell flow beside the honeycomb

Expressions of interest extended until 13 March!

Twenty10 and QLife are excited to continue our latest free online support program: QHive. QHive is a space to build wellbeing and social connection for LGBTIQA+ people around Australia and, like a hive, aims to build a structure for community, connection and stability among our LGBTIQA+ peers. In this program we recognise that people seek connection and support with peers across our lifetimes and that LGBTIQA+ people have different intersecting identities and needs. As such, QHive has an offering of different programs tailored to differing experiences and needs.

The programs we will be offering are Behold and Beyond. Each program will consist of six, two-hour sessions that will run weekly online through April and May.

Expressions of interest close at 11:59pm on Sunday, 13 March 2022.


Behold weaves together lived experience, collaboration and imagination to bring together a supportive online program that is therapeutic and creative. It will centre the experiences, resilience, rest and joy of those within the LGBTIQA+ communities who also identify as People of Colour and Culture, Black and First Nations, aged 18 years and over. Each weekly program will be a blend of facilitated dialogue, reflection, and embodiment exercises. We come together to revel and reveal in our lineages and differences, to be held, and to be with one another.

This is an offering for those who are seeking connectivity, delivered in a slower and adaptive program, honouring discretion and exploration. Spaces in the program are limited and will take place April 22nd to May 26th, Fridays 5:30pm to 7:30pm AEST.


QHive logo with Behold text around the petals.


Beyond is a program for people whose genders expand beyond the confines of cis-normativity. The group is for anyone aged between 16 and 24 who is trans, gender diverse, non-binary, a Sistergirl, a Brotherboy or is questioning their gender and wants to create a space to connect, heal and be together. In a supportive, therapeutic and collaborative environment, we will create space to learn from each other’s lived experiences, creativity, resilience, resistance, and joy. During the program, participants are supported to engage with the activities and direction of discussions at their own pace, honouring that vulnerability and building trust takes time.

Spaces in the program are limited, and will take place Tuesdays 5:30pm-7:30pm AEST commencing April 19th to May 24th.


QHive logo with Beyond around the petals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone from Australia join?

Yes, QHive is a national program and is held online.

Do I have to attend each week?

Each program is designed to run for six weeks, and ideally participants can attend each week where possible.

Is there a maximum number of participants for each group?

Yes, the groups will be capped at 15 people, so we encourage people to register early if they would like to attend.

Does it cost anything to participate?

We will be using Zoom for these online groups, which is software you can either download or use with a web browser (like Chrome/Firefox/Edge). Zoom accounts are free. 

What platform will the groups be held on?

We will be using Zoom for these online groups, which is software you can either download or use a in a web browser. Accounts are free. 

What is the registration process?

We will ask you to fill out a form to register, and before the group starts, one of our facilitators will be in touch to go through an intake process with you, which will include filling out an intake form and having a short chat on Zoom. 

What happens after I fill out the expression of interest form?

Once you have completed the Expression of Interest form, one of the QHive team will be in touch with you in the weeks ahead to let you know if you are eligible and able to progress to the intake process. Places are limited and unfortunately, not everyone who completes an Expression of Interest form will be invited to attend.

If you are applying for the BeWell program, please be aware that during the intake interview we will ask some questions around mental health and wellbeing. The answers you provide will not exclude you from accessing to the group, but will assist the facilitators to ensure the group is tailored to meet your needs and help us measure the overall impact of the group.

Who runs the group?

Each group will be co-facilitated by two Twenty10 group facilitators who are peers from within the LGBTIQA+ communities and there will also be guest peer facilitators for certain sessions.