Help us make IDAHOBIT every day

IDAHOBIT (the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia, and discrimination on the basis of intersex variation) is coming up soon on Monday, 17 May.

IDAHOBIT is an important opportunity to highlight the challenges faced by LGBTIQA+ communities.  At Twenty10 we are always working to combat these types of discrimination and lift up LGBTIQA+ folks from all walks of life.  So for us, every day is a bit like IDAHOBIT and this year we would love to know how do you and your organisation, group, family, or friends make #IDAHOBITEveryDay? We challenge you to share with the world!

How to participate:

  1. Use one of these graphics to start your social media post on your favourite site(s).
  2. Include in your post what you do to make #IDAHOBITEveryDay – maybe your office displays LGBTIQA+ friendly posters? Have pronoun options on your intake forms? Advocate for our communities with friends, family or other organisations? Whatever feels meaningful to you/your team!
  3. Don’t forget to tag #IDAHOBITEveryDay and Twenty10 (@twenty10glcs on Instagram, @twenty10incglcsnsw on Facebook, @twenty10 on Twitter)!

If you’d like to post yours anonymously for any reason, send an email to and we’ll do an anonymous megapost on IDAHOBIT!

IDAHOBIT every day