A graffiti drawing of a sloth chewing bubble gum and listening to headphones.

Podcasts! They range from goofy to informative, from creepy to cool, and all shades in between. Whether you like to listen to them during your commute or sitting on your couch at home, they are a great way to hear new stories and learn new things.

We asked around the office to see what everyone’s listening to – we hope there’s something that appeals to you! Here they are in no particular order:

  • Women on the Line: “A Melbourne based podcast, where women and others of diverse gender experiences comment on societal issues or showcase people doing incredible work across Australia and internationally.” – Amy
  • This is About: “A great Australian podcast hosted by Twenty10 Ambassador Jordan Raskopoulos and produced by the amazing Jesse Cox.” – Jain
  • Trans Mission Radio: “A silly, fun, conversational advice podcast by three trans women.” – Dina
  • Welcome to Night Vale: “This podcast came highly recommended and there is just no way to explain it properly. Weird is the best thing I can say. Perfectly weird.” – Rebecca
  • This American Life: “I especially like this one where a woman asks Phil Collins to help her write a break-up song.” – Shannon (Editor’s note – for a similar show made in Australia, check out All the Best!)
  • Nancy: “A wonderful show about queer culture, relationships, and identities, from the studio that brought us Radiolab. Also, I’m interviewed in an episode – I’ll let the keen listeners figure out which one!” – Dina
  • The Heart: “A great podcast about a billion different things that forefronts the voices of marginalised people. Favourite eps include Beauty is Pain, Riis Beach, and the season Silent Evidence.” – Jet
  • Queerstories: “This podcast is a spinoff of the popular Sydney speaking series, and it’s wonderful! Check out the latest episode with our Ambassador Jordan Raskopoulous.” – Dina
  • Dr Karl: “It’s great to be able to tune out of all the worries in the world and focus on the marvels of it.” – Amy
  • The Adventure Zone“I don’t know anything about Dungeons and Dragons, but I do enjoy listening to these knuckleheads rolling dice for spurious reasons. Part of the McElroy Family of Products.” – Dina