We’re excited to announce this year’s Show Ponies art exhibition, scheduled for 20 October 2018!

This exhibition is open to anyone on the LGBTIQA+ spectrum between the ages of 12 and 25. We are open to all mediums! Submissions are due by 2 October.

Want to ask any questions or submit your work? Send an email to Samia.

In the lead up, we’ll have workshops at the Twenty10 drop-in space in Chippendale and at headspace Parramatta in conjunction with Out West – see the Upcoming events list on this page for more info!

(Artwork in header image by Silvia Liber)

Upcoming events

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Submission FAQs

Who can submit work to the exhibition?
Anyone who is aged 12-25, identifies on the LGBTIQA+ spectrum, and is a resident of New South Wales can submit work to us.
How do I submit my work?
Send an email to samia@nulltwenty10.org.au with a photo and / or description of your work. Include your name and contact details as well as key information you might have about the work: Title, medium, dimensions and year of completion. Twenty10 will be in touch shortly after the deadline submission to confirm if your work has been selected to exhibit.
What if my work is a performance or something that’s not visual art?
All mediums are welcome and performance would be a fantastic addition to the exhibition. Send an email to samia@nulltwenty10.org.au with a description or any documentation of your work (if it has been performed before) to be reviewed.
Can I make more than one submission?
Yes you can. A maximum of three entries per person is permitted.
How much does it cost to enter / exhibit my work?
Participation in the Show Ponies exhibition is free!
Can I submit work that has already been in another competition or exhibited / performed before?
Yes you can, but we would prefer work that has been exhibited or performed within the last 18 months.
Can we submit artwork done as a group?
Yes. Artworks created by a group or collective are eligible. Just include all the details about your group with your submission.
What if my work is large and I won't be able to bring it to Twenty10?
Twenty10 can organise to transport artworks. When submitting your work make sure the dimensions of the artwork are included.
How will you decide which work will be exhibited?
We will be selecting art to maximise diversity across ages, cultures, mediums, and experience levels of artists. If your work isn’t selected, that doesn’t mean it’s not good – it just means that it did not sit within those criteria.
What are the awards and prizes?
There will be three awards with prizes. Details of these will be revealed soon!
Who are the judges?
The judges will be our wonderful creative workshop facilitators:  Nicole Barakat, Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Brian Fuata and Liz Ham. They will be joined by NAVA General Manager and Artist Penelope Benton and Twenty10 Board Member and art collector James Emmett.
Where is the exhibition and what are the dates?
The exhibition will be held at Twenty10, Level 1, 45 Chippen St, Chippendale. The exhibition will open on Saturday, 20 October as part of the Twenty10 Street Fete and will run until November 20.
What happens to my artwork after the exhibition is over?
If you decide not to sell your work or if the work doesn’t sell, you will receive the work back once the exhibition is finished.
Can I sell my artwork at the exhibition?
Yes absolutely. There will be someone from Twenty10 managing artwork sales on behalf of the artists.
How will the exhibition be documented? Will Twenty10 take pictures of my work?
There will be a photographer and/or videographer documenting the work.
Will my work be posted on social media?
Yes, with your permission but after the opening on 20 October. We will also seek your permission to name you as a selected artist, so we can promote the exhibition on social media.
Can I put my preferred name on my work?
Of course! We want you to be able to use the name you’re most comfortable with, whether that’s your legal name, your true name, or a pseudonym.
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Transgender, Non-Binary, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual etc. (LGBTIQA+) Still not making sense?