Silver Rainbow LGBTI Aged Care Awareness Training

Make a real difference for your older clients, by growing affirmative practices and embedding lasting change in your organisation.

Silver Rainbow LGBTI Aged Care Awareness Training is a practical training workshop for building confidence in working affirmatively with people of diverse sexualities, genders and/or intersex status.

In Silver Rainbow Training, we offer industry-best practice standards to grow affirmative practices for Aged Care Services, Residential Aged Care Facilities, organisations, workplaces, and community groups.

Silver Rainbow training will assist participants to:

  • Unpack the LGBTI+ acronym and the differences between gender identity, sexual orientation, and intersex status.
  • Gain confidence in the use of language and terminology to affirm LGBTI+ people and communities.
  • Understand the significance of historical discrimination and stigma and its impact on the unique health and wellbeing needs of LGBTI+ older people
  • Review current legislation and policies related to LGBTI+ older communities
  • Develop ways to enhance individual and workplace inclusive practice, including workplace policies
  • Identify key resources and services to use with clients and workers
  • Focus on topics of learning and discussion specific to your organisational needs

Training Duration and Structure

Silver Rainbow is generally presented as an 2-hour online introductory session and a 4-hour in-person training.

Participants attend a 2-hour online introductory session, followed by a 4-hour session (online or in-person), one week away from each other.

We offer flexible options and can customise the training to meet the needs of your organisation.

Training Location

Training can be delivered onsite, or online – or a combination of both. We can organise a venue (at cost to client) as required.

Training Cost

Silver Rainbow is a free training, delivered at no cost to your organisation.

As a NSW state partner, Twenty10 is fully funded to deliver Silver Rainbow training.

For participants

You will receive a certificate when you partake in both training sessions and complete the post-training evaluation.

Please note the introductory session is a pre-requisite for the following training sessions.

Please email for more information or to book in a session.

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