Welcome to this edition of Twenty10 and Friends Self Care Edit, a self care edit to you from our staff, volunteers, and pals around NSW! This is a chance for us to let you know about nice things we’ve been watching, reading, listening to, eating, and doing while we’re all in lockdown.

This week’s edit is from one of our case workers, Rebecca. Thanks for sharing with us!

Film: Train to Busan on SBS On Demand

A zombie movie? On a train? You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll CRINGE with how good this film is. Gets pretty gorey in some parts so give it a miss if that’s not your thing. 

Book: Kindred by Octavia E. Butler

This un-put-downable book could have been written this year, the themes are still so relevant. A little bit sci-fi (time travel) but a really powerful story about endurance and the disparity between white people and the enslaved folks of the early 1800s in America.

TV: Killing Eve on ABC iView

This needs no introduction… Unless it does! I couldn’t recommend this series highly enough. The tension, the drama, the outfits! And who doesn’t love Sandra Oh? TW: death and violence

Podcast: Bobo and Flex

Bobo and Flex are on a quest to give you the tools to master critical thinking and make sure your feminism is intersectional. 

Exercise: Walking and Dancing

You can follow @bettygrumble for your daily dose of fun or The Fitness Marshall on YouTube will get you moving any time of the day!

Cook: Hearty vegetable soup

These soups claim to be better than salad (if all else fails, pop your veggies in a pot, cover them with water or stock and let it simmer! Add any herbs you like)