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Listen up! Here are 10 of our favourite podcasts

Podcasts! They range from goofy to informative, from creepy to cool, and all shades in between. Whether you like to listen to them during your commute or sitting on your couch at home, they are a great way to hear new stories and learn new things. We asked around the...

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Twenty10 announces more Ambassadors [Media release attached]

Today at Twenty10 inc GLCS NSW, we have some exciting news. We are proud to announce two new Ambassadors: comedian, writer and performer Jordan Raskopoulos, and striker for the Westfield Mathildas and Canberra United, Michelle Heyman! As you may remember from Twenty10...

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2017 Twenty10 Hamper Appeal

The holidays can be an especially hard time for young people of diverse genders, sexualities, and/or intersex variations (LGBTIQA+ people). Many are disconnected from their families, and that can be extremely painful. Services are also closed during the festive...

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Queer Love Project needs you!

Our vision at Twenty10 inc. GLCS NSW is that we can live in a world where people of all sexualities, genders and intersex status are affirmed, secure, healthy and connected, living in a society without oppression, persecution or violence. We support the proposed...

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At Twenty10, we support trans people and trans rights

In light of recent media comments, we believe it is important to say this about trans rights. Trans people are worthy of respect. While every person is worthy of respect, trans people often don't get the respect that they need and deserve. Discrimination and...

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A million thank yous!

At Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW, every dollar counts towards creating safer spaces for people of diverse genders, sexualities, and/or intersex variations. And the support we saw at the end of this financial year was astounding. In the month of June alone, we raised...

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