Your Rights at Twenty10

Twenty10 inc. GLCS NSW (Twenty10) is committed to ensuring you know your rights and responsibilities as a service user, including the rights for children and young people when accessing our programs and services.

Your rights and responsibilities when accessing Twenty10

You have rights and responsibilities while accessing Twenty10, whether that’s in person or online. If you think your rights are not being respected, you can make a complaint. If you don’t keep up with your responsibilities, there may be consequences that will be discussed with staff at the time.

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You have the right:

  • To have easily accessible information about your rights and responsibilities
  • To have your information kept private and confidential
  • To be treated with professionalism, dignity and respect free from judgement or discrimination
  • To a space free from abuse, neglect or harassment of any kind
  • To professional relationships with all staff and volunteers
  • To a space free from non-consensual touch
  • To access information about yourself
  • To understand what kind of services you will receive and how they will be provided
  • To choose which services you receive
  • To refuse specific services without losing access to our other services
  • To have an advocate present
  • To be involved in planning and evaluating services
  • To be involved in creating, reviewing and implementing your case plan, if you have one
  • To give feedback or make a complaint about services, staff or volunteers without the fear of retribution

You have the responsibility:

  • To complete a New Client Form, attendance sheet, or similar when participating in events and programs
  • To follow the Safer Spaces Guidelines
  • To abide by the guidelines in your tenancy agreement, case plan or support agreement, if you have one
  • To respect the rights of others at Twenty10
  • To be accountable to the results of your behaviour and decisions while accessing services
  • To actively listen to people who approach you about your behaviour while making a reasonable effort to be open and considerate towards the feelings of others.
  • To take an active and collaborative approach when engaging with support workers, volunteers, and the services that are being provided.
  • To notify Twenty10 staff or volunteers if there are any reasons they may not be able to access spaces shared with children
  • To maintain hygiene and follow safe food handling practices when handling, preparing, serving or eating food or beverages at Twenty10.

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How to give Twenty10 feedback

We encourage you to provide us with feedback, especially when you feel like we have done something wrong. You can make a complaint via this form, by calling (02) 8594 9555, by emailing, via the message box in our foyer, or by speaking to a worker of your choice.

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Twenty10 will:

  • Encourage honest and open communication between service users and staff/volunteers
  • Make it easy for you to provide feedback in a format that you’re comfortable with, anonymously if you prefer
  • Clearly display all our processes for feedback and complaints in client spaces and online
  • Treat all parties to a complaint with respect, privacy, and fairness
  • Do whatever we can to protect young people from abuse or neglect
  • Investigate and follow up on incidents and complaints quickly

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Your privacy at Twenty10

We are committed to protecting the privacy of everyone we work with, including anyone who uses our services.

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Twenty10 will:

  • Ensure privacy for clients, staff, volunteers, and Board members
  • Only collect and store information that we need to have to have to help you and provide services
  • Get your consent to collect and store information about you and tell you why we’re collecting it
  • Only give access to your information to other service providers if you tell us it’s okay (unless there is a risk of harm to yourself or another person)
  • Let you check that the information we have about you is correct
  • Protect your information from unauthorised access or changes

Use the buttons to download our full Privacy and Confidential Information policy in PDF format and Word format.

Privacy and Confidential Information in PDF format  Privacy and Confidential Information in Word format

Participation and Inclusion

We are committed to empowering and supporting you to fully participate with us and your community.

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Twenty10 will:

  • Create spaces both online and in person that are accessible, welcoming, and affirming
  • Make sure the spaces we work in and the things we do are accessible and safe, both physically and emotionally
  • Make sure our programs and services are run ethically and professionally
  • Let young people make their own decisions about going to services and programs
  • Include young people when making decisions about developing, planning and evaluating services and programs
  • Respect service users’ religious beliefs, culture, employment, education and social wellbeing
  • Give young people skills and support to build healthy relationships and participate in their communities.

Use the buttons to download our full Service User Participation and Social Inclusion policy in PDF format or Word format.

Service User Participation and Social Inclusion in PDF format  Service User Participation and Social Inclusion in Word format

Safeguarding children and young people

We believe that all children and young people have the right to be themselves and reach their potential in environments that are respectful, caring, empowering and safe.

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Twenty10 will:

  • Follow the National Child Safety Framework and other best practices in child safety and protection
  • Ensure that physical and online spaces are safe for all service users, including children and young people
  • Thoroughly screen staff and volunteers
  • Help you assess and manage risks
  • Give staff the information they need about child safety, mandatory reporting, risk management and duty of care, including training and staff induction
  • Investigate and follow up on incidents and complaints quickly
  • Do whatever we can to protect young people from abuse or neglect
  • Review staff levels to ensure appropriate levels of care
  • Provide age-appropriate services for children and young people

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