Board Director - Youth Rep. Come and volunteer on the Twenty10 Board of Directors.

Volunteer Board Director – Youth Representative


  • Position posted on: Friday, 22 October 2021
  • Application date: Wednesday, 17 November 2021
  • Volunteer position




Twenty10 inc GLCS NSW (Twenty10) is looking for young people aged 18 to 26 who are interested in joining the volunteer Twenty10 Board of Directors (the Board). The Board is a group 5 to 10 people who are responsible for the future of Twenty10 and ensuring that Twenty10 is meeting all its legal, financial and ethical obligations. The Board is led by LGBTIQA+ people and reflects the diversity of our communities. There is one position available. 

About Us 

Twenty10 works with people of diverse genders, sexualities and intersex variations (LGBTIQA+), their families and communities. We provide a range of specialised services for young people aged 12-25 including housing, mental health, counselling and social support. For people of all ages we offer telephone support and webchat as the NSW provider of the national QLife project. We also offer inclusivity training and consulting for organisations and service providers across most sectors.  

Our vision is a world where people of all genders, sexualities and intersex variations are equal, affirmed, secure and connected. They experience positive health outcomes and live in a society without discrimination, oppression or violence. 

Twenty10 is a charity, and an Incorporated Association in NSW. This means we have special laws that we need to comply with. 

About The Role 

The Board is legally responsible for Twenty10. That means the decisions of Directors (the people who make up The Board) must be made in the best interests of the organisation. Directors must also make sure they understand the decisions they are making, and that they are legal and ethical. You can do this by asking questions, requesting the Board seeks advice from specialists, or by asking for more time to consider your decision. 

Directors are also responsible for championing Twenty10. This means that Directors should be able to talk about the important work Twenty10 is doing and be able to rally support for the organisation. 

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission calls Directors “Responsible Persons” and states that Responsible Persons must: 

  • act with reasonable care and diligence 
  • act honestly and fairly in the best interests of the charity and for its charitable purposes 
  • not misuse their position or information they gain as a Responsible Person 
  • disclose actual or potential conflicts of interest 
  • ensure that the financial affairs of the charity are managed responsibly, and 
  • not allow the charity to operate while it is insolvent. 

    From Responsible Persons – board or committee members | Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ( 

    The NSW Department of Fair Trading also has information at Management committee | NSW Fair Trading 

    Directors are elected to the Twenty10 Board for 4 years and can be elected again for a total of 8 years. The Board also has office-bearers who have additional responsibilities. There are the 2 Co-Chairs and the Treasurer. Office-bearers can only be in the one position for a maximum of 4 years, but can be elected again into another position for another 4 years. 

    Twenty10 has Board terms of 4 years, and each director can be on the board for up to 8 years. Specific roles such as Treasurer and Co-Chair have a limit of 4 years (but can continue to serve an additional 4 years in another position). Directors can resign if they are unable fulfill their 4-year term. If this happens The Board can fill in the vacancy outside of the usual election cycle. 

    Key responsibilities 

    Directors are required to attend Board meetings. There are at least 8 each year, however The Board can decide to meet more often.  Currently The Board meets every month on the 3rd Thursday, 6-8pm. Directors receive pre-reading (“Board papers”) the week before to assist them in preparing for the meeting. The Board also communicates via email outside of Board meetings and can make decisions via email if enough people participate. If there is an urgent issue, the Board may call additional meetings outside of the regular schedule. The Board may also organise training, planning and/or strategy days. 

    Directors are also required to comply with laws that apply to Twenty10 and the Twenty10 Constitution (the rules that govern Twenty10), to follow Twenty10 policies and procedures (including a Code of Conduct), and to make sure that they don’t act in ways that could damage Twenty10’s reputation. 

    Induction and Training 

    Whilst all that might seem like a lot, you’re not on your own! The Board works together and everybody has a different skillset. If you don’t know your Balance Sheet from your Profit and Loss, the Treasurer will be able to explain things to you so that you’re reading financial statements like a pro. We also provide an induction and training process for new Directors, and Boards often engage in regular training sessions to help everyone understand their roles better. 

    Selection Criteria 

      Application Process 

      Complete the Twenty10 Board Director, Youth Position, Expression of Interest form (below) by November 17th 2021.   

       Next Steps 

      We’ll let all applicants know if they were successful or not by email and / or phone. 

      If you are successful we will need to collect some additional information: 

      • Your legal name (unfortunately we need to provide your legal name to the ACNC and ATO) 
      • Your residential address 
      • Signed copies of the Twenty10 Confidentiality Agreement (this states that you will not share confidential information outside of Twenty10) and Agreement to Act (this states that you agree to become a Director of Twenty10 and understand your responsibilities). 

      If you have any questions, please contact Public Officer / Co Executive Director, Jain Moralee on or 02 8594 9555.